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Help us develop the cars of today and the engineers of tomorrow

We're forever striving to push ourselves and create the best cars we can. Our partners help us achieve the incredible in a variety of ways, and we're always grateful for any help as a little goes a long way.

Branding Partners

Branding partners provide a significant contribution towards the team's budget, either through the supply of critical materials or direct financial contributions, garnering inclusion in the team's uniforms and social media content.

Funding Sponsor

Funding sponsors help us out by providing a financial contribution to the team, directly boosting the team's overall budget.

Technical Partner

Technical partners provide the team with expertise regarding products and practices, enriching the knowledge base of the team and helping to devise the best work techniques.

Official Supplier

Suppliers provide us with products and equipment that we need to complete our projects at ECU-R, improving our budget through savings.

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