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Born from a post-covid environment, ECU's 2022 challenger Lawrence was designed to be one of the team's most cost effective Formula Student cars, and in the process managed to become one of the lightest the team ever built, weighing in at 155.5kg.


The car held pace with the EV's all through the event, winning the Skid Pan event overall and placing 3rd overall in Autocross with it's un-adjusted lap time.

Technical Data


Full length spaceframe

Fibreglass Chassis Cover


Front - Double wishbone DA

Rear - Micro-Sprint Rear Axle


KTM 450cc Single Cylinder


3D printed structural ribbed carbon fibre elements

Wings - Front, Side, Rear


Hoosier LC0 16 x 7.5


FSAE-Australasia 2022


Harry Watson Award

1st - Cost Event

1st - Presentation Event

1st - Acceleration Event

1st - Skid Pan Event | 1st Overall

2nd - Autcross Event

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